General Safety:

We are dedicated to providing participants with a safe and enjoyable experience when they ride our bungy trampoline. It is our priority policy that safety comes first.

All of our equipment has been supplied by the world's best Bungee Trampoline Manufacturer and has been tested to Australian Standard 3533.3-2003.

All staff attending the trampoline have passed a working with children check ( and police clearance. They are fully trained on its operation and are committed to our safety policy. The bungy trampoline is always operated within a fenced area.

Read important safety information and follow the instructions of the attendant at all times.

  • You must weigh between 20 and 200 pounds to jump.
  • Jumpers must be in excellent physical condition to jump.
  • All users must be able to properly utilize all safety restraint devices
  • Due to the restraint device in this attraction, certain bodily proportions may prohibit participation.
  • No flips for Adults 20 years or older.
  • Please remove all jewellery before jumping.
  • As soon as swinging movements occur, stop jumping immediately.
  • Only vertical movements are allowed.
  • Do NOT land with head or shoulders on the trampoline.
  • No hard shoes or heels allowed.
  • Operators are not responsible for lost or damaged items left or brought into the bungy trampoline area
  • No Smoking, Drinking or Eating inside the bungy trampoline area.
  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • Jump at your own risk.

The following persons should not participate on the bungy trampoline

Persons who:

  • Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Have pre-injured tendons
  • Have had fractures, in particular to the shoulders or arm area.
  • Are pregnant
  • Have any form of physical or mental problems or who are generally unsure about their state of health
  • Have a significant physical ailment or condition.
  • Have had a back, neck or any other type of skeletal or muscular problem or pre-injury.
  • Have high blood pressure, heart trouble, motion sickness, or nervous disorders.
  • Are over average weightlifters

Public Liability:

We hold a public Liability Insurance policy which covers Freestyle Bungy for $20,000,000


To enable us to keep abreast of any changes to all amusement and rides legislation we are members of AALARA (Australian Amusements, Leisure and Recreation Association).